Monday, January 26, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday

Perfect Moment #1:

I haven't given him a bath in a while. I usually draw his bath, maybe wash his hair. But he is bigger now. Almost 10 years old. So, I usually let him wash himself, while I go off to do the many other tasks at hand. Last night, I wanted to spend time with him. Just me and my son. So, I scrubbed him down. We talked about how the Romans used spoons to dig out the dirt, instead of sponges. We talked about how perfumes were used in Egyptian times. Somehow Spongebob was quoted. In other words, a typical discussion with my son. He has gotten so big. He barely is contained in the bathtub now--his legs have to bend a bit so that his feet touch the end of the tub. I marvel at this child, this boy, who has grown from a small baby to this wonderful boy.

Perfect Moment #2:

This morning, getting ready to leave the bedroom. She is in her daddy's arms, getting ready to be dressed. He has just taken her off the bassinet/changing table in our room. He puts the bassinet part back on with one hand, while holding her. As he talks to me, I see her. She is trying to grab onto the bassinet, but she is not close enough. It is just out of reach. While talking to him, I push the bassinet closer, just enough so she can grab it. She grabs it, and as she does, she gives me a secret smile.

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Lori said...

Oh, Delenn, these are exactly the kind of moments I had in mind for Perfect Moment Mondays. The ones where you are so much richer for noticing these ordinary occurrences.

Love the images of the growing boy and the secret smile.

Cibele said...

thanks for sharing you prefect moments. I liek the conversations hou have with your son! he is as smart as his mommy!

Kate said...

What a lovely post!

Fertilized said...

So sorry about the tv. That's awful.

I love the pictures and perfect moments. So cute

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