Friday, January 30, 2009

Flippety Flop

Today is officially my last day. It is officially the last day for 4 others here.

I am lucky however. Last week my boss asked if I could stay another month to clean up the mess. Well, he did not say that specifically—basically I will not be doing my job anymore. I will be gathering up the files and integrating them from the various empty offices. When I am done, so-and-so’s office will have no files. No life. I am The Filer of Death!!

Today my stomach is going flippety-flop. Missing people who are still here (who have no idea that I have a reprieve); missing my job that will be gone soon.

My stomach is also flipping because I got a call from the agency. They have a temp to perm job that might work for me. Lower pay. Good hours and 10 mins from my house. There is also a message on my machine (so my husband vaguely tells me) about another position. (I cannot access remotely our new answering machine—ARGGH!). Could either of these prospects actually turn into anything? Or are they just a high point on which I will fall down as I ride the roller coaster of the job hunt?

My stomach is also growling. Our company is going to do one last hurrah. Get a pink slip –get a free lunch!


Anonymous said...

Such a roller coaster ride you're on! Praying that you land softly in a great new position very soon!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I'm so sorry! Losing a job is never fun, but hopefully it opens up a great opportunity!

KimboSue said...

At least you get free lunch? That is the silver lining, right? :0(

Sorry about the job but good news about the prospects!

Happy Hunting!

Fertilized said...

I hate these roller coaster rides. I am sorry