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"I'm Back, Baby!" -- Bender (Futurama)

Got back from the Michigan Trip last night about 11:30 p.m. (EST). It was a LONG drive, but the kids were great (both there and back). It worked well to leave on Friday night and then stay at a hotel in the early morning (1-2 a.m.) and then go keep going on Saturday. Willow slept through most of it, was amused by her big brother the other part of it. We made sure to make frequent stops on the Saturdays, and it worked out well. On the way back, we promised Michael we would play Weird Al when we hit Massachusetts--and to see his smile when he heard Weird Al--priceless.

We had a good time and we visited a lot of relatives, but a little more visiting happened than we thought would -- because Husband's uncle died just before he was able to see him. So, part of our time was spent going to the Wake and Funeral. Very sad, but it also allowed Husband to be able to see some relatives he might not have seen. And it made it all the more meaningful for him to spend time with his Grandmo…

And Other Disgusting Things...

Random Stuff:

Disgusting things (and no, not talking about diapers here—so far its pretty tame):

Both Willow and I have colds. I don’t want to point fingers—Willow—but someone gave me a cold. And of course, as seems to be the case ever since I have had kids, I get pink eye when they get colds. So, this past weekend I was dealing with Willow with her slight cold and my left eye looking like I was hit in the face—PINK EYE! (okay, am I the only one who thinks of this South Park?)

My pink eye is now gone, I don’t think I am getting a sinus infection like I thought I was—just a damn irritating cold. Willow had a very minor cold and seems to be fine (other than the occasional cough in the night). Michael and Husband seem to have escaped.

Last night, I was holding Willow and kissing her tummy (as I am want to do). I had just finished BFing her ½ hour before, and was chilling with her and Husband while waiting for dinner to finish cooking. As I kissed her tummy for the Nth time—she burped …

Book Tour - Eat, Pray, Love

Someone else pretty much summed up my thoughts on this book. Here are my answers to some of the questions. I found this very self indulgent, even for a memoir.

At the start of the book, the author states that she will not go into the details of her divorce. Could you accept this and move on to the rest of the book, or did this lack of explanation influence your opinion of the entire book?

I had a problem with the fact that she did not go into details in the book. I feel that if you are going to show how you overcame a crisis, I would like to know WHAT the crisis was and how it affected you. The author saying that she had a “disastrous divorce” does not help me to feel any sympathy towards her. A lot of people have bad relationships and divorces. If you are going to write a book about discovering yourself, you need to be able to also reveal your life. Otherwise, I can’t really tell what adversity you overcame.

When my IRL (in real life) book club discussed this we had widely differ…

One Year Ago Today - Updated with More Recent Pic

One year ago today.

One year ago today, I found out that this:

Would become this.

One year seems like a long time and a short time. It seems like so much has changed in this year, and it has. And yet, there is a part of me that always felt that this would happen. And a part of me that thought it would never happen. I had no idea where I would be a year ago. A year ago I had hope. I also had fear. I had confidence and yet I had none. I knew I was lucky, but yet mourned the fact that I wasn't lucky enough not to have done this "naturally".

One year and it is a lifetime. My daughter's lifetime. I am so thankful for her.

I wish everyone who wants this, gets to experience this:

Show & Tell #7

Cthulhu and the Kid

Last week, around 5 a.m., our son came into our bed and snuggled in. He brought his companion, his stuffed Cthulhu. When he went back into his own bed, he left Cthulhu. And Willow got to meet our friend. The first thing she did--put one of the tentacles into her mouth. Good girl, show lord Cthulhu who's boss.

This is not her first encounter with Cthulhu...we also have this shirt for her.

As we learned from our first, its never too soon to start the Geek Pride !

Obstacle Course

I am not sure if its just normal life or what, but lately, trying to get back into routines has been ridden with hidden obstacles.

My exercise routine.

I have started to get back to not only working out at work, but also biking on the stationary bike in the morning. For the last three weeks, Willow has been going to bed around 9 – 10 p.m. and sleeping until 4-5 a.m. After the first 2 weeks of this, I figured it was safe to start biking. I have been able to have time and energy in the morning to do my 20 mins on the bike, shower and then breast-feed her before I go to work. No sooner had I done this for 3 days in a row (!) then, things Popped Up:
-- Willow gets up at 4 a.m. and doesn’t go back to sleep after a feeding.
-- Michael brings Willow in while I am biking because “she’s so cute when she is sleeping!” (Which, of course, are the magic words to make her wake up!)
-- Have to take kids to their day care/camp because Husband has early morning meeting (this is happening next …

Willow - 3 months

Show & Tell #6

(These pictures are pictures of pictures, so excuse the quality)

This is our first family portrait. It was taken around May 2001. Michael was 3 months old. I remember feeling so proud and also so clueless. We dressed up in our finest clothes, and dressed Michael up so pretty. We brought a bottle of formula even. The room was hot. The lights were hot. Michael was fussy. He was tired. His clothes were too hot for him. I insisted on having a clothing change for his pictures by himself. It was a disaster. But, we got some cute pictures anyways and we proudly displayed our family.

Today we went for our first family portrait with Willow. This time, we did not get her out of her pjs until we got there. She was dressed lightly. We gave her intermitten sips from a bottle. And when she did fuss (which wasn't much), we handled it gracefully. We were veterans. We dressed in dressier casual, we relaxed. It was fun. Willow is 3 1/2 months old. Michael, that 3 month old up in …

One Year Ago...

One year ago we transferred the 2 embryos, one of which became Willow.

I can’t believe that its been a year. 2007 was such a roller coaster ride. It was the year we decided to try IVF. We decided that since our state covered 3 cycles, we would go for it. We knew we would have a 40% chance of success. Compared to the 2% chance without assistance, it seemed so incredibly hopeful. Then we had the first cycle in May of that year. You try hard not to put your hopes on the line. You try, but you fail. And when that negative test result stares at you—your hopes are not just dashed. You crumble. My resolve started to crumble. I worried that maybe we were just not meant to have another child. Maybe one was all we were allotted. Maybe the odds were against us and we should just finish filling in those adoption papers?

And then we picked ourselves back up and did cycle number two. I was far more cynical this time. I went through the motions, but did not hold out any hope. I was…
An interesting post.

Morning Routine

This morning went so smoothly that I just realized, sitting here at work at 10 a.m.--Willow slept through the night again! She went to bed about 10:30 and was not up until 6 a.m. The fact that I did not even acknowledge this fact, points to two things. One, Willow sleeps through the night quite frequently now. Two--routines are starting to take place. This morning went smoothly (I even got to exercise like I used to!).

This morning, I woke up and grudgingly used the stationary bike for 20 mins. My son was up and had come into our bed 10 mins before I finally decided to quit using the snooze alarm and get my fat ass out of bed and exercise--he's a good motivator, as he pushes you out of bed while he squirms around. I got into the shower. He came into the bathroom and asked me could he wake up Willow, because she was "so cute!" I told him please wait until I was done showering.

Finished my shower (in peace!) and looked through the laundry--started sorting it and…