Friday, September 01, 2017

Cape Cod 2017 and Summer Ending is September 1st.  The year has gone by a lot quicker than I expected it (and I expected it to go fast).  It seems like it was just the beginning of 2017 just a few months ago.  Just a few days ago, we were watching Michael Graduate....and a few more days he will be starting college classes....

Before then...a recap of our annual Cape Cod trip:

  • We stayed in an efficiency in Wellfleet - where Michael learned that he did not like cutting onions, after saying..."Well, I don't see what the big deal is...I am not crying..." then he tried to eat a piece of worked....

  • Technology meant that I could continue Binge watching "Switched at Birth" on my cellphone...and continue to receive text messages of condolences...

  • We did the Clambake at Silver Beach again...which was partially rained out, but we did get our sunset on the beach (and s'mores with a fire pit!)

  • We laughed at the Drive-In selections and watched Spider-man again...

  • We had pool time and beach time and even Goat time!

I am so glad to have gotten my curried scallops!

Immediately, she started singing to the snails.

Um...yeah, the Nut Job 2 is far superior...umm...yeah, no.


Cupcake Charlies - yum!!

Clambake - inside at first...well, at least good food!

Arnold's 40th year--deserved a coloring contest between us.  Mine is in the middle..Chewy is on left...Michael said his lobster was an albino lobster (we accepted, as long as he colored the other things nearby it...)

Willow was still working on her masterpiece when the food came.

Walking and petting goats.  

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These goats are being used on Cape Cod to help landscaping issues (they can eat all sorts of weeds and brush).

Mini Golf fish!

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