The School Year has begun!

Willow is in Fourth Grade--which is a big transition grade.  Lots of homework, lots less recess and free time--cursive and typing, math and was not fun the last go 'round...lets see how mom and Willow do this year...I will be cursing homework at some point...that is a given.

But, she likes her teacher, and she is liking the rest of the classwork.

She is still having issues with math.  I am trying to help her memorize the multiplication tables.  Last night, there was an actual tender moment with her and Michael, where she asked him if math ever got better.  He actually gave her good advice and pointed out that sometimes it gets easier when the concepts click, and it is hard when you cannot understand it--but you will get it.  It was a nice moment of brotherly love and advice.

First day of school picture--as usual, my daughter shows her true colors--Not A Morning Person!

Her new obsession is her Kindle...somewhere there is breakfast...
Michael ready to go, yep!

Ready to go to school!

Meanwhile, Michael is going to Mass Bay.  He likes his professors and classes so far.  The big issue is trying to get the transportation working correctly.  This is his last venture through the special education system, as his previous school is providing transitioning service, which includes helping him navigate time management, campus life, goal setting, etc.  Now he will be starting to figure out what are his goals for the next few years and how does he want to achieve them.  We have his last IEP meeting in October...and then, next year...we will be on our own to finding him any services he may need....
My doodles while I talked to his transition coordinator yesterday...

This is the first full week of school for both of them.  Hoping this school year not only brings challenges and growth, but some pride and happiness too!


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