Friday, September 09, 2016

Morning Report

This is the morning report
Gives you the long and the short
Every grunt, roar, and snort
Not a tale I distort
On the morning report

Rough night for Chewy, meant that the boy was woken up late; no shower today...

As I walk down the stairs, I hear familiar voices and sounds...realize that my son is 
watching a 50 year old television show--Star Trek marathon is on.  (We have all 
on DVD...think we shall be watching some this weekend).  It was wonderful to see my son 
watching something that my dad loved, that I loved...the show that brought my son to 
this life, actually...


Driving her to school.  Somehow one of those conversations that start with 
something innocuous then somehow comes to this point:

She: "How did you feel when you found out he [her brother] was autistic?" 
Ahh...the questions and answers--there are times when she is far smarter then we 
give her credit for.  She is searching and probing..and far more empathetic than 
I was at her age.  Complex thoughts at morning drop off..not finished, but tabled...


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