Friday, April 25, 2014

More Washington D.C. Adventures

This has been a very fun vacation for all of us.  Pretty much have gotten to do everything we have set out to do.  We visited the National Air & Space Museum, the Natural History and American History museums. We rode the Metro to the point of being almost experts...our feet hurt and my legs ached at the National Zoo.  We did cancel our Lincoln assassination walking tour because there was no way any of us would have been able to do it after the day at the zoo (I wish they had the tour during the day instead of 7 p.m. at night!).

We had crawfish and bbq ribs and gumbo.
Today we are going to use our car for some day trips around Maryland and Alexandria, including a trip to the National Museum of Health and Medicine which will make up for the Lincoln walking tour for me.  :-)

Some more photos:

Willow piloting a plane at the Air and Space.

Trying on an astronauts glove.

Willow went right up to the Ruby Slippers!

Casts of Abraham Lincoln's hands...his hand is swollen because of all the hand shaking he had been doing that day.

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