Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Year So Far....

As the first month of the new year draws to a close, some stray observations...

  • It is annoying to have a snow blower that doesn't work.  Yep. Hoping to get that fixed sometime soon.
  • Chewy has been writing a sort-of homage/eulogy to our friend Paul and I find it interesting how this year anniversary has come and gone and our family is still coping with this loss.
  • Kittens are damned cute.  (Which is good, because cat litter is damned smelly!)
  • Michael seems to have gotten through his first ever mid-terms and pulled up his grades (A/Bs, probably a C in Honors Algebra) this term.  He seems to have an affinity to English that I never really knew he had.
  • Lately, Willow has become obsessed with her hair.  Wanting to have it just right, having it in pony tails and pig tails.  Things I can do pretty ineptly.  Braids...I am not going there.  (But she did...at the hair cut place)

  •  Michael is going to be 15 years old in less than a month.  I have gotten him personalized M&Ms and I am thinking of getting a picture of Batman and putting it on a cake for him.  (Adam West Batman, I think) Other than that, pretty low key--maybe have a couple of his friends over for pizza or movie or laser tag. 
  • Michael's friends--I know he has them. I have never seen them.  Chewy has met them briefly.  But we have never actually met them.  They come over after school on Fridays and hang out for a bit.  I have heard them on the phone when Michael calls in to say he is home.  I know this sounds a bit like I am being a negligent parent here--but, frankly, with Michael's Aspergers and his usual loner attitude--friends are hard to come by, so, for some reason...this has worked for about 2 years.  (Maybe I will meet them soon!)
  • Tonight, I realized how I have to change my perspective---literally.  I was teaching Willow how to peel carrots for dinner...when I remembered that she is left-handed.  It really just dawned on me why she was having a bit more trouble than I thought she would.  I had to switch her hands up...and remind myself of this newly acquired trait.
  • Both children amaze and annoy me with their growing-ness.  Our house has a teen going to bed early at night; a kindergartner not wanting to go to bed at bed time.  Food that disappears regularly -- my stove top often has a pan with little bits of mac n cheese or canned pasta sitting on it.  Toys are everywhere, including the bathroom sink (we seem to be a salon--last weekend she used sticky notes to draw pictures and put them on the bathroom door...one said I "heart" CH...not sure what that meant).
  • Already looking towards spring and a possible vacation in April....


Life Happens said...

So sorry the job wasn't what was presented to you. I hope it gets better or you find something else better.

Your kids are growing up! Willow is too adorable with her braids.

I'm ready for Spring too!! Hope to see you in April if you make it out here.

mksiny14 said...

If you haven't already, you need to get her a copy of Stephanie's Pony Tail by Robert Munsch. Awesome!

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