Saturday, January 25, 2014

Morning Time Again

Much needed sleep after a long and frustrating week....

The first one comes up to snuggle me--he is the one that is leaner and aggressive with his cuddles.  I pet him and he purrs and he snuggles in for a bit.

Then she comes, she is more playful with me and I rub her tummy and she rolls about on the bed.

For a bit, the two kittens rumble on our bed, between our legs.

A little later, older, wiser...and heavier cat comes in.  He is like an old friend, and I hold him close and rub his chin.

(Yes, they are basically all asking me to get up and feed them!  But, I am enjoying the cuddling and purring, the warmth of the bed and my husband next to me....)

Drifting up to add to this wonderfulness--I hear the boy and the girl.  Playing a video game.  And he is being gentle and thoughtful to her (so different from his gruff teenager exterior lately) and she is giggling.

I listen and feel and enjoy.

Ahhh...weekend morning.  Thank you.


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