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Christmas Photos

Despite the sickness in the house, I was still able to get a few photos for this holiday season.

 At Zoo Lights on Christmas Eve Eve

I don't know where the reindeer are!

Christmas Eve - Present Exchange

Since Michael was feeling sick, Willow took over the job of family Santa.

A Giant Princess Coloring book.
Christmas PJs - Tinkerbell!

All things Star Wars must include a Darth Vader Mug with Hot Cocoa!

Christmas Day
Everything waiting...
Some of Willow's gifts from Santa.
Some of Michael's gifts from Santa.
First thing she went for was the BIKE.
And then the castle...which was being invaded by the trucks.

Silver Lining...

Well, I guess the silver lining of getting sick as a dog on Christmas and your Birthday is that the post-holiday/omg I am older emotional bittersweet sickly feeling I usually feel in the evening of Christmas/day after--well, you can't be bothered by that when you are sick!  :-)

Unfortunately, the Turkey Dinner I was longing to have after the Gallbladder of Death Thanksgiving...did not happen.

Well, the silver lining of that--we can have a Turkey Dinner with all the fixings SOON!

And...working all the holiday time--well, I DID get to spend the day after X-mas with the family (yes, Chewy was sick, Michael and I were recovering...).

So, yeah.  Silver linings.

Please, New Years--lets not have any health problems!  Please!

Christmas's Past and Present

Remembering another Christmas....

and another....

and a Birthday Surprise last year...

This Christmas Eve, like our Thanksgiving, has been anything but traditional for us.  Poor Michael has been sick all day with a stomach bug.  Our normal routine of going to the Japanese steakhouse for my birthday dinner has been postponed.

Luckily, Michael felt well enough for our Christmas Eve present exchange.  And now he is back to being sick, poor guy!

Both the kids loved their gifts (we got Willow a Leap Tag system -- Michael got a Walking Dead Board Game, among other things...)

Now is the wait for the children to go to bed and for Santa to come!

Trying to Remember and Hold On as it Slips By

Because of various reasons (my gall bladder 2 week absence from work; the fact that I just started this job; the fact that the place is small and people with more seniority are getting time off) -- for the first time in years I am not taking any time off during Christmas break.  I have to work tomorrow (hopefully for a 1/2 day) and the rest of the week after the time slips by even faster and is even more precious to me because it is limited.

Luckily, Chewy is available for the children, and they will get some time from the normal routine.

This holiday season since Thanksgiving has been surreal and strange.  This weekend was the first one that felt "normal" and I do feel that the kids have had a good holiday season despite the strangeness.

But pesky time keeps going even if you are not well or indisposed or if you need a break--it just keeps I try to remember the things that have made me smile and enjoy this time...

Playing Munchin Cthulhu with Micha…

Seasonal Stuff and the End of Hanukkah...

I would like to say that this weekend I have held my children closer and that my thoughts keep going towards those poor parents in Newtown, CT (not too far away from here...). (I could not imagination the horror and loss they are dealing with and will have to deal with long after people have forgotten about this tragedy).

I feel very strongly about the need for better control of guns and more help for the mentally ill...however, I am weary that anything will be done about this situation. Both sides of the issues seem to have entrenched themselves. I would hope that 6 and 7 year olds being killed would not be in vain. But I am too cynical to believe that anything will be done.

Of course, the weekend I want to be able to think of my children dearly--Willow has been such a pill! Being grouchy and whiny and needy and basically driving me and Chewy batty. I am sure it is not just her--we have had lots of anxiety lately---a…

Happy Hanukkah...And Making the Fudge Again...

The first couple nights of Hanukkah were great successes.  We had a great time opening presents the first night--having Latkes and playing Driedel.

Today, we went out to a reform temple and made personal Menorahs (I did not make one for myself--helped Willow with hers).

Tonight, we were able to use their Menorahs (just the kids--we have to get more candles!)

Before that--we successfully re-made the fudge (YUM!) and the kids were really helpful this time and it was really fun!

Michael opening gift from Nonnie.  
Lego Monster Hunter - Werewolf!  
Willow's gift from Nonnie--a Tinkerbell/Fairies chair!
Opening Hanukkah gift from Mom and Dad...Snowwhite and her horse!
Michael asked Mom and Dad for a Happy Tree Friends character...

Kif LOVES Willow's chair (as I am typing this--he is again lying in it!)
Willow playing with Snow White and her horse.

Playing Driedel -- Willow seems to love eating the Gelt more than playing...

Stencils we used to make some really cool scratch pictures.