Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Silver Lining...

Well, I guess the silver lining of getting sick as a dog on Christmas and your Birthday is that the post-holiday/omg I am older emotional bittersweet sickly feeling I usually feel in the evening of Christmas/day after--well, you can't be bothered by that when you are sick!  :-)

Unfortunately, the Turkey Dinner I was longing to have after the Gallbladder of Death Thanksgiving...did not happen.

Well, the silver lining of that--we can have a Turkey Dinner with all the fixings SOON!

And...working all the holiday time--well, I DID get to spend the day after X-mas with the family (yes, Chewy was sick, Michael and I were recovering...).

So, yeah.  Silver linings.

Please, New Years--lets not have any health problems!  Please!


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