Happy Hanukkah...And Making the Fudge Again...

The first couple nights of Hanukkah were great successes.  We had a great time opening presents the first night--having Latkes and playing Driedel.

Today, we went out to a reform temple and made personal Menorahs (I did not make one for myself--helped Willow with hers).

Tonight, we were able to use their Menorahs (just the kids--we have to get more candles!)

Before that--we successfully re-made the fudge (YUM!) and the kids were really helpful this time and it was really fun!

Michael opening gift from Nonnie.  

Lego Monster Hunter - Werewolf!  

Willow's gift from Nonnie--a Tinkerbell/Fairies chair!

Opening Hanukkah gift from Mom and Dad...Snowwhite and her horse!

Michael asked Mom and Dad for a Happy Tree Friends character...

Kif LOVES Willow's chair (as I am typing this--he is again lying in it!)

Willow playing with Snow White and her horse.

Playing Driedel -- Willow seems to love eating the Gelt more than playing...

Stencils we used to make some really cool scratch pictures.


Michael's assembled Lego set.

Today at the Temple--making her Menorah.

Michael's Menorah.

Willow eating a Sufganiyah.

Ahh..the fixings for another batch of fudge (which turned out much better!!)

Getting ready to light the new Menorahs.

Michael lighting the Menorahs.

Happy Hanukkah!!



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