Sunday, December 23, 2012

Trying to Remember and Hold On as it Slips By

Because of various reasons (my gall bladder 2 week absence from work; the fact that I just started this job; the fact that the place is small and people with more seniority are getting time off) -- for the first time in years I am not taking any time off during Christmas break.  I have to work tomorrow (hopefully for a 1/2 day) and the rest of the week after the time slips by even faster and is even more precious to me because it is limited.

Luckily, Chewy is available for the children, and they will get some time from the normal routine.

This holiday season since Thanksgiving has been surreal and strange.  This weekend was the first one that felt "normal" and I do feel that the kids have had a good holiday season despite the strangeness.

But pesky time keeps going even if you are not well or indisposed or if you need a break--it just keeps I try to remember the things that have made me smile and enjoy this time...

  • Playing Munchin Cthulhu with Michael late in the evening, before I have to go to work...having some nice one on one time with him and a board game.
  • Flipping channels, coming up with the French Chef--and having Willow want to watch it with me (even after I was kinda bored, because it was an episode on Sauces!)
  • Snuggling under blankets with the whole family, watching A Christmas Story and Its a Wonderful Life.
  • Going to the Zoo Lights--in the freezing cold, but enjoying it anyway with Uncle John.
  • Seeing the nieces try to make friends with the cats 
I guess the amount of time is not as important than what you do with it....

Tomorrow night--I cannot wait to open presents with music; get the kids to bed (after cookies and oats and carrots are set out for Santa and his sleigh); setting up the kids gifts from Santa...oh, the wonder of it all...the bittersweet wonder of time.

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