Rainy, Dreary Days...

Unfortunately, the weather has mirrored our lives lately.  Right after Memorial Day, we lost someone.

Went out to lunch on a stormy Saturday with a friend whose mother was dying of cancer.  Got home to find correspondence from the government confirming that I will be cut off of unemployment after this extension (whether or not I have a job).  Before I went out to lunch, Chewy got the call that his Grandmother was going into hospice.

Yesterday I got a love note from the IRS saying we owe taxes from two years ago (we HOPE it is a mistake). My friend called to say her mother passed away that morning.  Chewy's Grandmother is getting worse...

I guess we are living the phrase "when it rains, it pours..."



Photogrl said…
Sending you lots of love and ((HUGS))...hang in there.
Oh, I know that feeling all too well. Hope some sunshine is heading your way soon.

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