Monday, June 11, 2012

Dad's Home...

Flying on stand-by (through a relative), Chewy was able to go to Michigan to be there for his Grandma's funeral.  The trip there on Thursday was easy--coming home...that was another matter.  After spending a looong night at the airport in Chicago (the last flight he was not able to get on, so he spent the night at the airport), he arrived home this morning.  

He arrived just as I was leaving for a job interview.  A bedraggled person in a suit comes in, while a crisp, pressed pre-interview person is leaving.  We exchange "hi's" then have a small argument because we are both tired (for different reasons).   Later I call him for help with directions to the interview--the navigation computer had taken me to the wrong address....

I come home from the interview and he is upstairs sleeping.  I cuddle up to him and afterwards he has favorite pasta dish for a local restaurant (the kids and I went there for lunch yesterday).

Then it is time to pick Michael up from school...and we have a plan.  I pick him up and say "hey, wanna get some ice cream?" We go to a local ice cream parlor--and there is his dad, waiting for him!  (Well, actually, he walked PAST Michael who went back to the car to put something away--and did not see him walk past him).  

Dad had brought gifts for Michael and me...but was not able to get a stuffed puppy for Willow (that was her request).  Since we are in separate cars, we split up--and weirdly enough both stop off to get her a gift--and wierdly enough they are both siberian husky puppies--one is smaller than the other, so they are a mommy and baby.

Above is the reaction she had to seeing daddy (puppies in her arms).  (Well, at first she acted rather shy when she walked into the house).


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