Monday, June 18, 2012

Cell Phone Dump

In the age of technology where even my crappy cell phone can take pictures, I often capture a quick moment or two...usually to send over to a friend or relative. And then I keep them on my phone.  Sometimes I might look them over again.  

With summer here, I want to make room for more random here are some random photos now deleted from my phone.

January -- Michael was lying down listening to his MP3 player when Willow came along and wanted to listen in.  Gladly, Michael shared the music with her as they snuggled up.

The end of the Birthday Party day...and the sleep over munchies have already gotten into another monster cake.  I snap this one because I wanted Ana to see that her cake(s) were a hit even after the party.  (Also, Wolfman looks kinda cool all half-cut)

Some photos are really old--this one is from April 2011.  Michael getting ready for class.

Willow Style--earlier this spring at the Concord River.

First meal on the new kitchen table! (Yeah, yeah, living it up in style!)

You know, I could fix this to not be sideways--but I don't is still dolphin safe!

At the same carnival that the dolphin photo was taken.  Both photos taken to send to daddy who was not there...

Oldie photo--from September prove that yes, even a girly girl plays with trucks!


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Life Happens said...

That picture of them cuddling together is too precious!