Friday, May 18, 2012

Table Time

We got a new kitchen/dining room table yesterday. We finally decided we couldn't wait for me to get a job before getting a new set--the old table was wobbly beyond repair, a couple of the chairs were breaking and to top it off, this past Thanksgiving, the table leaves broke.
The new table is more elegant than our previous one. It makes us giddy and feel grown up...and at first I was not sure why it produced such weird feelings. Until I was looking through old pictures to try to figure out how long we had had the other table...and found a picture of Michael sitting at the table--in 2001.

Hmm..I thought Willow was the only one to put her sunglasses on upside down...

So, good bye old table!  We actually have one of the original chairs (we had replaced the chairs a while ago)  so you will be around in more than spirit.

Hello, to elegant and more grown up!  

Let's see how long we can keep this table! (I made sure to get a 5 year maintenance warranty!)


Life Happens said...

That a very nice dining room set! You should have your son take a picure at the new table, with sunglasses upside down, just for old times sake. :)

have a great weekend.

Christy said...

Beautiful! I'm sure you'll get years and years of memories out of it.