Monday, May 21, 2012


On Saturday, it was just me and the kids. I enjoyed taking them out to a Carnival and later on to a discovery museum. The funny part is that this was a museum that I had taken Michael to when he was Willow's age. Stranger still--we were going there for free because it was an event for families that have children on the autism spectrum. (At Willow's age, I had no idea my son had any such time changes perspectives...)

Michael was definitely one of the more high functioning children there--and it made me feel guilty for any of the times I have felt bad for our situation. (In fact, one little boy about 5 years old was so taken with Michael that all he wanted to do was follow him around and hug him--and his shoes). Michael took it in stride (which is really good since he has issues with his personal space, etc.)

More importantly, it was great to see him interacting with his sister. A lot of people commented to me about how great he was with her (which is so true).


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Cibele said...

Look at them! They are so blessed to have each other