Friday, May 18, 2012


Both kids are on growth spurts.  

Michael, for the moment, is growing in more the physical sense.  He is starting to get the veracious appetite of a teenager.  He reminds me of a Hobbit.  Luckily, he is generally a good judge of healthy foods--however I have noticed he is trending towards the junk food more...trying to keep stores of healthy snacks (along with some not so healthy--hey it is childhood after all!) has been a challenge.  

As for mental maturity--he seems to want to join in on adult discussions even more than he used to.  It is interesting to see him try to engage in political discussions, etc. For him to overcome his social awkwardness to enter a discussion is already an extra level.  It is also a struggle because he is caught between the worlds of a child and an adult.  

For Willow, she is figuring out how the world works.  She is constantly questioning how and why things are. And she is often getting into things to understand how they work.  She is also trying to grasp her imagination and what is real and what is not.  

Learning responsibility and guilt also seem to be on her mind lately.  The last couple of days she has "told" on someone.  "Someone" scribbled all over my grocery list tonight.  And it wasn't her.  Nope.  She is not sure who, but she wanted to point it out to me and when asked, she is totally innocent of any crime.  

Tonight I read her Dad's Dinosaur Day.  It is a fun little tale of a dad who is turned into a dinosaur for a day and hangs out with his son.  Tonight she asked how that could be possible.  I said magic.  And then she worried about whether I might get turned into a dinosaur because she would not want that at all.  The worries of a four year old.  

It is so fascinating to watch both of them learn and master their world.  

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