Friday, October 21, 2011

Sometimes you need to be reminded...

Was talking to an old friend via email the other day. She complimented me and I thanked her. I had been feeling a bit depressed. Just a whole bunch of overwhelming things happening at once, the job hunt, etc.

I thanked her for making me feel better on a day I was feeling bad.

She replied to me today (hope she doesn't mind that I quote her):

"Sorry to hear you were feeling blue, but glad if I helped make it a little better. Remember you really do have a great life. You married a great guy who's lots of fun, your son is a super genius and also really fun and a constant source of pride, and little Willow, your miracle baby, is just full of surprises and such a joy. And one of your best qualities is that you don't take it all for granted. You make a point to savor every moment and really appreciate what you have. I admire that about you!"

Sometimes I need to be reminded of that. And what a great friend I have. Thank you again.



Jenn said...

That is something that I've tried to do, appreciate the moments with my family, but it seems that you are doing much better at that then me!

Christy said...

Oh what a pick me up! What a treasure you have in your friend!

JJ said...

How nice - those moments are so cool when we hear them at just the right time.

Sending you hugs - Im sorry I havent been here to give you more support. Miss you, friend! Its been a year since our BB gathering!

mksiny14 said...

xo! ;-)