Thursday, October 13, 2011

It is so worth it...

She is a handful and sometimes I am exhausted by her. But often, so often lately, I am so, so grateful to have her in my life.

Deciding to take a quick bath, I realize too late that she is not distracted anymore and now wants to join me. The water is too hot for her, she is dressed already, and I wanted a little soak on my own. [sigh] Quickly, too quickly for me to notice, she is taking off her clothes and after getting the water a little more suitable for her--in she comes. I look at the water on her back and her hair. How she has grown. I inspect her, this amazing being that is her. We play with the bubbles and the water together. I asked her if she liked this. And she says that should like to do this "forever and ever, momma".

A big box to play in. And she snuggles right into it. She calls it a rocket ship and I lift it up every so often and she giggles. Today I got out markers and crayons and we decorated her ship. It has squares and circles and "buttons" and "levers" and all sorts of things on it. And she loves it more because I helped her draw it. And my melancholy about my job hunt is gone because this is time I have with her.

We are going to meet someone for brunch. She hurries to get ready...the backpack with tons of toys on her back and a pink hat to match her backpack. And she has put her shoes on (the wrong feet).

As we drive in the rain, I ask if she wants to hear some music. She says she wants the lady singing "oooohhhaaahhhhhhh"...I know what she wants. "Grove is in the Heart" and Deelite are singing--my daughter and I are both grooving and making moves in our seats.


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Amanda said...

Those are beautiful moments. I'm always amazed how these little creatures in our lives can take the time we wanted for ourselves and fill it with a beautiful moment with them.