Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Farm Visit

Willow and I went to a farm today. It finally feels like autumn around here, and I was so happy to see some actual colors on the trees.

One of the few advantages of being unemployed is that I can spend a day like today with her. And I was reminded many times of the many such trips I have taken with Michael when he was that age. It is funny, because when they are both around I don't think about those times long ago with him. I guess I am in the moment (and my memory, alas, sucks). But, when it is just me and her--I sometimes get hit with a sudden memory of toddler times with Michael. Usually, it is more sweet than bitter. I am just happy I have a chance to do it all again with her.

Okay, enough of the sentimental stuff...onto the pictures! (cuz, of course, y'all haven't seen a farm before!)

So, we saw sheep:

This is one of the few that got close to us.

And we spent an extraordinarily Long time in the Hen House:

Looking in on the chickens.

A Fluffy Chicken. That black and white stuff--that's the head full of feathers.

A rooster getting ready to crow.

And then a staff member came out with a red rooster. And we got to pet a rooster!

And touch his alarmingly scary clawed foot!

Willow insisted on seeing the pigs. And the cows were very very important to go see.

We got to see one of the new calves getting milk. (And later, as she would tell EVERYONE who asked about it, she saw the calf eliminate said milk)

We ended our trip on an appropriate vehicle:


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