Friday, May 06, 2011


Real and imagined, portals seem to be around me lately.

Here is a description of the start of gaming session last night (the GM wrote this):

After several thunderous blows from Hephaestus' hammer the rune finally shatters in a blinding flash of unnatural light. The force knocks the Dwarf back on his generous behind and for a moment the party including the Dwarf share a hardy laugh reflecting on their many accomplishments. The moment is fleeting; the Druid is the first to realize something is amiss along with her faithful but unloved elven dog who begins to howl uncontrollably. There is a sudden chill and quickly everyone can see their own breath as the sky darkens. The spot where the rune was destroyed begins to shimmer and distort the ground. Next, the sound emanating from the Dwarf's hammer like a giant tuning fork that was only audible to the dog is heard by everyone. The ground begins to ice up and fog envelopes the party. Only the Dwarf can see the portal that has opened before him. He sees the next rune partially covered in a pile of manure near one of the inner walls of Freeport where is appears to have skidded to a hault after being thrown over the wall. It beings to hail. The last thing the party hears before the wind and high pitched whine of the hammer drown everything else out is the eagle take flight and the Otoug lumber off frightened out of his mind.

So, we decided to go through the portal. I (being the Druid) was not too sure, but I knew I wanted to get out of where we were. That all I could hope was that what was awaiting us on the other side was better than what we were facing. So, we boarded our treasure laden boat and our Dwarf pulled us through (he had a magical girdle of Giant strength). (We made quite a spectacle of ourselves--a boat with various party members, with snow and gold flying everywhere--popping out of nowhere in the middle of a city)


This morning during my work out, I finished the Dr. Who (ten) with the planet of deadly stingray-like aliens. It starts off with a group of people (including the Doctor) in a UK double decker bus going through a portal. Seems the stinray-like aliens create their own portals, and then like locusts they destroy all in their path. When they first go through the portal, the bus driver thinks he could just go through the portal again--bad move there buddy--instant skeleton time!


We are transitioning. We are past the real badness that we have been dealing with the past couple of years, but now we have to recover. We have been battered emotionally, financially. But we have created our portal and now we are through it. How do we forge ahead now that we are in recovery? We are still dealing with the repercussions of the past and, frankly, still dealing with being a 2 child family.

Where we go from here...I hope somewhere postive (at least I don't think it will have alien locusts...)


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Kristin said...

Thank God for the lack of alien locusts (awesome episode btw). I hope the portal y'all have gone through takes you to a wonderful spot.