Pumpkin Carnage

Sunday night we made our Jack O'Latern. As per our tradition, Michael drew out the design, I laid out a mess mat/papers that did not pick up all the mess, I stripped Willow down to her diaper (cuz why have pumpkin guts on her clothes, when she can just be plopped into a bathtub?). This year, dad wanted to do some cutting (he had gotten a nice knife his brother had made for him). And then he proceeded to cut his thumb. After the Marvel bandages were applied, it was determined that I keep the traditional role of pumpkin cutter (with some small assistance from Michael).

Before the carnage.

I like the symmetry on this photo..with Willow and Kif both head down...

Pulling out the guts.

Okay, two things about this. 1. After a while, every time she took out some guts, she would go "ewww" and flit her hands around, thus making my mess mats obsolete, as pumpkin guts flew all over. 2. She picked up a name tag from one of our gaming conventions and was wearing it like a necklace.

Finished product...yeah, its much scarier in person. (the other pumpkin is a free one Willow got for "coloring" a Halloween handout at the grocery store-she drew on it)


Kristin said…
It looks like they are having so much fun.
JJ said…
Love the pumpkins! Looks like they had a blast :) How was the cleanup? ;)
Christy said…
What a fun time building memories!
Cibele said…
You guys are such a fun family!!!!!!! Love the pictures

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