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Growing Pains

While I was up at 1 a.m. dealing with an inconsolable-totally-unlike-herself-because-she-is-teething(?) Willow...I was heartened to read several posts by people on Facebook and a hillarious post by Serenity on the stage we are going through--the early stage of toddlerhood.

Its interesting that I have done this before, but I am still learning every day things I either don't remember, did not know, or mistakes that I then remember that I did with Michael. Everyday I find myself trying to compare--when Michael tried to get into the downstairs bathroom, we merely had the door shut (adding a door knob do-hickey later on that prevented everyone from opening the door with ease). Now, we have the cat's litter in there. Even when I shut the door, I can only do it for a little bit of time--I really don't know a more convenient spot for the cat's litter, and I really am not in the mood to train two non-verbal beings in the house at once. (yes, I know--the dreaded Gate will have…

11 Months

I cannot believe how lucky I am to have her. She has two teeth on the top, two teeth coming on the bottom. She crawls so quickly we can't keep up. She is so bubbly and curious. She is growing and changing every day. And I am loving every bit of it (well, except for the lack of sleep sometimes).

Yesterday I got her portrait taken, here is what is newly hanging in our living room:

And here are a few of the other poses:

I cannot believe that next month she will be officially one years old.

Science Fiction Geek Time...

One of the advantages of being unemployed--I get to watch the Battlestar Galatica marathon today on the Sci-Fi channel...

As a sci-fi geek who has seen many shows fade and end, it always saddens me to see great science fiction leave the screen. Thinking of tonights final episode of Battlestar Galatica, I think back to all the shows I loved---Star Trek, Babylon 5, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel--and I feel so lucky to have been able to visit these worlds...and to get to re-visit them again (with my children too!) on DVD.

Battlestar Galatica was a wonderful show. Tonight we are having our favorite pizza--and sushi (cuz sushi is the only food that we can recognize that they eat on BSG).

With a heavy heart I say good bye, BSG--but I do look forward to seeing you again (and again)...

(and at least there is still Dr. Who...)

Elusive Sleep

It was quiet. Too quiet. We had gotten the kids down by 9 p.m., which was a miracle, since we had went out to eat and had gotten home late.

We relaxed. And then husband did some work and I did the bills. I started to get ready for bed, doing the normal rounds--getting Michael's lunch money ready, his snack for the day (they still do snacks during the day in 4th grade).

And then Michael came down. Wakeful and fidgety...telling us that he had been up reading in his bed (it was almost midnight).

We think its his ADHD medication, because this wakefulness seems to have started since we upped his dosage 2 weeks ago.

Finally getting him settled, or so I thought, I left my husband doing work at his computer. I layed down...started to drift off...and

I heard something blurping/rustling on the baby monitor and then I heard russling and a comotion. My son had taken out his iguana (Pepi) to play with and the iguana had gotten lose--ran across the hall into Willow's room, right into the …

Show & Tell #30

Tonight we went out to see one of our favorite groups--The Alloy Orchestra.

They are a group of musicians that compose and perform music for silent movies.

I learned about these guys on NPR about fifteen years ago. They combine one of my favorite things, movies, with another favorite--live performance.

We have seen many of their performances, and I enjoy bringing Michael to them when we can. He saw his first silent movie with a musical performance by The Alloy Orchestra (it was The Black Pirate). Tonight, however, was more of an adult movie. It was called The Last Command. I was very impressed by this film, which is noted for being the first movie given a best actor academy award. One of the reasons I love going to these performances is that I find hidden classics.

I love silent movies and enjoyed the evening.

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Week One---At Liberty

Well, more than 1/2 way through week one of unemployment, I must say this week has not been what I expected.

I had decided that after 10 years of working, I deserved to wallow in my own self pity and crapulance for a week. On that note, I left the daycare/after school schedules to be "normal" for one last week. This was supposed to give me a chance to--sleep in late, eat chocolate and other comfort food, watch decandent daytime t.v./movies--all in all, be a depressed, self-pitying bum. Oh, yes, I had plans to do to set up a few things, but nothing too much.

All that changed on Monday. First, our daycare provider called in sick--so my first day of depression was modified by having a 10 month old trying to (a) eat the mouse cord (b) eat pizza with mommy and (c) drain all the blood from my arm while sleeping there and NO WHERE ELSE.

Then, without any prompting on my part, two staffing agencies called me--and I was all set to go into Boston, not once, but twice this week.


Karate Moves

This Saturday before class Michael decided to show me some of his karate moves. He has been doing karate since he was 4 years old. He is a green belt--I think the next belt is purple, then brown, then black.

Willow cheering him on, playing with a karate headband.

Show & Tell #29

Total Confusion This Year--or, how I love hotels...

This year's Total Confusion Gaming Convention was a bit different, as we had Willow along for the ride.

One of the things I love about going to a gaming convention is that it is like a mini-vacation. You stay at a hotel room, you are in different environments, you have looser rules, you have a pool and restaurants nearby.

Also, it is nice to play in a role-playing game until 2 a.m. (like I did on that Friday night) and not worry about driving home--nope, you just walk a few yards away to your hotel room.

We had a good time this year. Michael did not play as many games this year as last year (although he did play Clay Wars again). He did get into a card D&D-like game and a new Munchkin Game.

Willow also had a blast--but she does anywhere she goes...

Some photos from this year:

Michael had to come with a wide variety of his stuffed toys (that he lately has been sleeping with). They include: General Grievous from Star Wars; Death (from…

Last Day

Tomorrow is my last day at a job that I have worked at almost 10 years. When I started, it was just after my maternity leave with Michael. I was a new mother of a five month old at a new job.

It was not a job that I studied for in university. It was a job that I decided to take because I had chosen family over my chosen career path. It was a job that was not always intellectually challenging, but I found it fullfilling nonetheless.

I learned those ten years. I learned how to be a working mother. I was happy to have a flexible job with people who I enjoyed working with. And I did learn job skills that will help me move forward.

I also learned how to balance my work life with my real life. It was a hard decision for me to give up my career for a "9-5" job. But I would not give up what I gained for anything. I was able to enjoy my son and my husband more. We were able to become a family. I was even able to give up a raise to have one day a week off to be with my son…



Plays tricks with the head

Often depresses the soul

Deflates the body

Paranoid or real fears—

They are all the same

Is there a way out?

Of course there is…

In your heart

In your child’s eyes

In your child’s giggle

In your lover’s embrace