Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hair kinda messy, but not gray. My weight is higher than a couple years ago, but less than it was 5 years ago--progress slow, but steady, hopefully this next year I will find more time to exercise and I will go back to eating better. Teeth--all there, but 2 root canals, and too many cavities when I was younger (I blame braces); now I need to remember to floss. Eyes, as usual, hiding behind glasses, not much thicker than a few years ago, thankfully. Wrinkles are few, so far.

Patience. I am always learning patience. Not my virtue, but I try. Happy that my patience finally paid off with the little girl at my feet. Learning to accept that both children can try my patience, but I should not lose them.

Wisdom. Each year I learn more and even when I think I know what I am doing--I find out that I do not know anything at all. Wisdom can come with time and experience, but I find that I am still wanting more.

Happiness. Sometimes overlooked in the course of my daily life. But it is there. I need to learn to embrace it more and enjoy the moment.


Lollipop Goldstein said...

A lovely tradition of assessing life before a birthday. Happy birthday, sweetie.

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday, even if it is a day early:-) I'm very glad you were born so I could know you & your family. Many blessings your way.