Show & Tell # 8

Show and Tell

Recent photos from Niagra Falls, Canada. We had never actually seen the falls, even though when we have traveled to Michigan, we have passed them many times. This time we chose to stay at a hotel with a view of the falls. We left Michigan on our way back to Massachusetts on Friday night. Arrived at our hotel at 1 a.m.

This was the view we had outside our hotel room.

Willow, who had been asleep the whole time in the car, awoke to look at the view:

We awoke to an even better view.

And then had room service bring up breakfast so we could eat outside on the deck.

All the pictures and video I took cannot do it justice. I think water is such a beautiful thing and to see those falls made me awestruck. I could have watched the falls for hours. (However, we still had a 12 hour drive ahead of us--next time, next time).


It's so nice from the Canadian side. We drove out there when we had a wedding in Buffalo. Great photos.
Kristin said…
I have always wanted to see Niagra Falls. Those are beautiful shots. And you're daughter is adorable!
Another place I want to see *one day*. Thanks for the lovely photos!
Smiling said…
I have several good memories of the falls. I am so glad my mother took us to them.
Shelby said…
Great pics!! Thanks for bringing back SO many memories (from stumbling across the Rainbow Bridge after a night clubbing, to going up there with my husband for the first time together, to taking my daughter for the first time in May). I will never get tired of seeing the Falls.
Another Dreamer said…
I've never been to the falls. And, wow, to have a view like that from your hotel room, that is so cool!
battynurse said…
Wow, beautiful.
Kristin (kekis) said…
Absolutely beautiful! (the falls and Willow!) I've never been to Niagra Falls but would love to go someday. Your show and tell has given me some inspiration.
Dreamer4agift said…
Very Beautiful!

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