Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Room Artifacts (for those starting to work on your nursery) - UPDATE

UPDATE: Oh yeah…to add to this feeling of my little boy growing up---
I picked him up from After School last night: and he started The Santa Talk. Yep. Luckily, he can have the joy of “playing” Santa as I did with my younger brother. In fact, the conversation ended with him relishing getting to eat the Santa Cookies next year.

Yesterday, I spent some time putting up posters in my son’s room. These posters not only signal his on-going obsession with all things Star Wars—it also signaled another stage in his growth.

This room started off as a Gaming Room—one where we had put a card table up, had board games and bookcases of books and gaming stuff.

It became my son’s nursery – with Baby Looney Tunes being the theme—here is the last remains of that scheme (kept on the wall by me since the beginning):

Then there was the short lived Transportation Theme—as signaled by this last remain (the light switch):

The picture is a framed drawing from kindergarten.

The longest themed – Spongebob.

Here is what my husband and I tore off this weekend:

And, as I put up the new room décor, I found this artifact, hidden away behind the turtle’s aquarium:

I still have more to remove and add to this new incarnation of this room. But as I started, it felt bittersweet to be doing this. It will probably be the last time I actually have much say in it at all. I am slowly going to take away the artifacts of previous rooms, the ages of my son fast forwarding toward the 9 ½ year old in front of me. The 10 year old (and the teenager--brrr..) not too far from reality—


Valerie said...

This post made me teary eyed knowing that this is in my near future.

Jeffrey said...

That's funny we just spent the last two weekends working on our girls' rooms. They want to share. Moved K from toddler train bed to twin captain bed with trundle. Not that she will sleep on it, so far she is sleeping on the trundle of her sister's bed. She says the twin is too tall. I felt sad taking the train bed apart. It was S's when she was little too. Now there is no one to save it for. Next the wall boarder I put up, when I was pregnant with S, will have to come down. Nice thing with girls, S at 9 1/2 is just now out growing the bunny and teddy bear boarder. I have been told by both not to touch the other bunny boarder in the now to be playroom. That one is a left over from the little girl who lived here before us. They want blue walls with green molding and green carpet with flowers "growing" up from the molding. J is thinking of painting glow in the dark stars on the blue ceiling. They picked white bed spreads with blue flowers. I'll have to email you a picture when we finish the room. At the rate we are going it could be next summer though. We picked out the paint samples in June. J had way too much over time this summer for us to get anything done. Nice star wars posters. Love the blue planet bed spread. We had a bunch of those decals too. We went through Sesame Street, Blues Clues, Nemo and Thomas the train. They are all currently decorating the computer cabinet in the playroom.

Kate said...

Cool Star Wars room!!

Cibele said...

that is a very sweet post. Soon our baby girls will not like her nursery and will want a princess room!!!!!!

serenity said...

Oh wow, how bittersweet. I wonder what Baby O will want in his room in only a few short years?

*sigh* It goes really fast.

(and thank you so much for the comments on my blog today. I appreciate it!)

Jeffrey said...

S still believes in the big guy at least she isn't admitting to doubt. We had the tooth fairy talk recently though and she was happy that her teeth will still be raking in the dough because of little sister. She has lost two teeth already since we talked. It's a good thing she is in on the game now because I am a very forgetful fairy these days. She will have to keep me on the ball when it is the little ones turn.

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