Monday, April 21, 2008

Crazy (Very) Pregnant Woman

Today was a holiday in Massachusetts. Its Patriot's Day (also the day of the Boston Marathon). Which means that since Michael is on school vacation this week, even the day camp that I would normally send him to (if I was working) was closed today. Which was actually fine with me, since I thought I would do something special with him. Originally thinking of two things, one was a parade in Concord, MA (near the North Bridge) or a kite flying day on top of a mountain observatory. Well, my son did not want to do the parade, so we did the mountain observatory thing.

Which, according to the stuff I read on line, we should have (a) been able to drive to or (b) take a shuttle bus up the mountain. However, when we got there--I could not find a way to drive up there, and I did not see shuttle buses. I did read that to get to the observatory was a "walk or hike of 1 mile". Me, being the person who drags my family out for such hikes (while both my son and husband would be perfectly happy playing video games all day), I figured, what the hell. Right? I can do a mile? Right?!?! I mean, take it slow and easy (I'm not that crazy--right?) Ummm...yeah.

First off, it's a mile if you know what trail to take, and you just don't wander off, letting your 9 year old lead the way, because, frankly, you haven't hiked since your second cycle of IVF, and while you have been exercising all this time--this is a bit much. My son, I must say, was perfect. He enjoyed the walk, we observed various things, including a woodpecker and we found 2 snakes! (I tried to pick one up and it slithered away). But, I just am TOO PREGNANT now. After a little over 1/2 mile straight up, I was getting kinda winded. I tried to pace myself, and I think I made the mile mark very well. BUT, we were no where near the observatory. And Michael starts going -- "Mom, your face looks very red." So, we stopped and rested for a bit. We finally found a paved road that was going up, and we traveled another 1/2 mile up walking on the road (hoping desperately that I would see a shuttle bus coming up or down the road). Once we got closer, I even saw the bus drop off. And we FINALLY got to the observatory.

Where was saw NO KITES!!! It was not windy enough, and there were not enough people there--but for $5 a person you could MAKE a kite. We skipped that. Also for more money we could go FURTHER up the observatory. By then I was like--I am not going UP any more today. I asked about the shuttle buses---I guess those are only for their Open Houses and other special occasions (I guess this wasn't one?!). BUT, after I played the pregnancy card (Hey, I am giving birth THIS WEEK!), an employee drove us down the mountain. (Part of me thinks I could have made it down--but part of me was rational knowing my condition).

Had some BH's, but after getting hydrated (I did not expect to be hiking--otherwise I would have carried Water!) and coming home to 1/2 hour nap, all is a-okay.

Part of me is proud that I could do that hike at this stage (heck, last pregnancy I was on strict bedrest and really sick). But my son said "Maybe we should have done the parade."


Anonymous said...

Wow I am impressed I don't remember what it was like the week I had K but the week S was born I could barely walk. That was some hike. Too bad about the kites. They are having a kite day at the local nature center near us but S and I will be at girl scout camp that weekend. Three more days till W day! K is taking ice cream cups for her preschool birthday snack tomorrow. TT

Ana said...

fLOL way to go woman!! all that exercise has paid off. now I have to get my butt to the gym. triathlon is only 116 days away!!!
I can't wait to finally meet Willow. Well remember we were talking earlier that I wish I had a nephew... lol I was thinking.... Michael is what I picture as a nephew.... and funny... I know more about him than my own blood relative neices... so I guess I have a nephew... and soon to be two new nieces... Willow and whatever my sister in law and brother call their daughter who hopefully will be here tomorrow!

Love ya!!!

Fertilized said...

WOW, I hear your roaring all the way to Here! You go super woman!!

Thank you for that incredibly AWESOME gift you sent me for hte bb anniversary! They are sported on my fridge for the parents in training for quick reference needs!

Leah said...

Okay, you are crazy. Straight up crazy. As I read this, here from the confines of my bed (okay, it's really the couch but whatever), it's like I was reading about a martian traveling to outer space. It's that foreign.

I am stunned, amazed and thoroughly impressed that you were able to do all that hiking without keeling over. Go you!!

Dr. Grumbles said...

I am sure many people would not have made it!

Jeffrey said...

Tomorrows the day, good luck. You, Willow and the guys will be in our thoughts. TT

Valerie said...

I just wanted to stop in and wish you good luck tomorrow. I hope you have a fast easy recovery from the C section. I will be thinking of you guys.