Monday, February 04, 2008

Third TriMester All Over Again...

So, here we are. Seven months. The last tri-mester. The big "easy". The time when I start to wish it was all over already. I am not one of those who relish being pregnant. Its not that its been awful...thankfully I have never had morning sickness, etc. Its just that I find it as more a means to an end. I want the child, but don't really care about the experience of pregnancy itself. (Perhaps its because I have done it before--but I recall I wasn't one of those "into" being pregnant then either--although I was a bit more naive and excited instead of anxiety ridden like this time.) Its all wonderful until you are totally uncomfortable and can't breathe and are scared to death and....okay, so the point being--I am ready for ya, Willow! (And you might notice, mommy ain't the most patient person, so lets get these three months done already).

Today I had my last monthly OB appointment. Everything checking out, heard the heartbeat (140-150). According to them I have gained 15 lbs. so far (by my count its 20 lbs., but I will go with them). So, from here on in, they want me to watch it--which, during the third trimester, should be interesting...I will be happy if I get out of this gaining only 25 lbs. (1/2 of what I gained with Michael).

My blood sugar is fine, my pregnancy hypertension watch has turned up negative so far, and everything is on track.

So, of course, there has to be some type of complication.

Luckily, this one is minor--but can't be just "easy". I talked to my OB about when were we going to schedule my C-Section/Tubal Ligation. My EDD is April 27th. The week of the 21st would normally be when they would schedule the C-Section--but guess what? That is school vacation week. So what, you ask? Well, that means she is taking that off to be with her children and would not be able to do the surgery, and it would have to be one of the other Doctors in the practice (none of which I have met yet). So, my options are: (1) go for the C in week 38, which would involve having an Amnio to check on her lungs (as a precaution) and then the surgery the next day; (2) do it with another doctor or (3) wait until the 28th and hope I don't go into labor before then.

Talking it over with husband, we agree we are going with #2. Its not that I don't like my OB, but I am also not that committed to her. I like the practice, but I have not met with her exclusively since I have been pregnant and since this pregnancy--other than the getting pregnant part--has had no complications, I really don't see any difference in having her or having someone else from the practice (provided I get to meet with them before hand). Considering that during my last pregnancy, my OB was SKIING while I was having major complications and an emergency induction and C-Section (ON my due date--so not like he shouldn't have known), its not like I haven't had this happen before. And frankly, if Michael is not in school that week, it will be easier to take him out of the Vacation Day Camp that he will be going to (less of a distraction/disruption, which, considering my son--that is way important). Not to mention my brother (who will be taking care of Michael while we are at the hospital) is a teacher and probably will have that week off too...its kinda ideal.

So, I guess when I meet with them again (Feb. 20th) I will let them know--the week of April 21st it is.

So, please no other complications, okay, Willow?


LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

I think going with another OB is a smart choice - and the best among your options.

Hang in there!!


Chris said...

Sounds like everything is going well . . . and I guess you can't really ask for more than that. Sounds like you picked the best option for delivery. How exciting to have it so close!

SaraS-P said...

Yes, let that be the only complication.

Neenie/PawsNY said...

Happy 28 weeks and welcome to the third trimester! WHOOOH HOOOOOO!!!!! Well you did make a good decision, and I hope you are comfy and at ease with the decision. It sounds like the best option for you and yes I would definately meet with the OB who will deliver you once or MORE if you can! You have every right to be comfortable with whomever delivers your lil pumpkin!

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