Sunday, February 17, 2008

B-Day Party

Michael's party was yesterday and was great fun. We had 90% attendance and while exhausting for the adults, I think everyone had a great time.
Below are some pictures...

The birthday cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge on inside. (Picture of a Wii Game System on the cake)

My attempt at video remote control sugar cookies.

We had two Wii's set up. One in the kitchen. In the background you can see we had our living room coffee table moved with Make your Own Mii's (cloth figures that they could make to take home).

One in the living room...

We had pizza and fruit and cake and cookies.

Michael blowing out the candles.

The kids got to play bowling, tennis, carnival games, and Ram*page (which seemed to be a hit with the BOYS).

Hardly any meltdowns, and with the 2 systems and many controllers, most everyone was able to play at the same time.

And for once, I had hardly any food left over--except my husband ordered the cake and its HUGE!!


Valerie said...

Oh looks like it was a great party. As for the left over cake feel free to send me some!

Ana said...

sounds like great fun! Good thing you got the second Wii system there. I was a little worried about that. glad it went well. peace!

Jeffrey said...

Cool birthday party. We had S's at her gymnastics school. 16 kids. She picked a barbie cake and a soccer theme. I was just as worried maybe more with my first pregnancy. Maybe it was because my Mom had all those miscarriages. It will be over soon and hopefully your anxiety will go away. I bet the party was a good distraction for you. I was glad to see how well your friend I think we made a nugget is doing. The wii sounds fun in a couple of years Micheal will be teaching Willow to play.

Kate said...

I love the Wii cake!

Baby Deux! said...

(Raising my hand) I will take the left over cake!!! :o)

I am happy to hear things went well! You are a brave woman!