Thursday, September 16, 2004

Tales of the Lost Turtle

So, I have become a stereotype. I have lost my son's pet turtle. I was cleaning the turtle's cage, I put him somewhere that I thought he couldn't escape from...and he did a Houdini (or is that a Hoffa?). It gets worse. I was cleaning the cage while my son was at his second day of Kindergarten. So, I had to pick him up at the bus stop and tell him. AND he said: "Why didn't you put him in a chest or somewhere he could not escape from?"

Now, granted, a turtle is not as cuddly as our Chinchilla's.

Delenn (one of our chinchillas) Posted by Hello

Or as well loved as my son's dear departed mouse (Snowki).

But, if you see him (he looks something like this)...

WANTED: DEAD (EWW) OR ALIVE (?) Posted by Hello

Let me know.

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