Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Flume and the Fun

On Sunday, I took a trip with my friend and my son to The Flume Gorge in New Hampshire. The last time I had been there, was about 10 years ago with my husband.

The river at the end of the Flume Gorge Posted by Hello

Ten years ago, I did not take pictures (our camera was a disposable one and it was broken).

Now I use a digital camera.

The river and the start of the gorge Posted by Hello

Ten years ago, the 2 mile (mostly up-hill) walk to the Flume seemed so easy.

Now, my calves hurt.

Inside the Flume Posted by Hello

Ten years ago, I thought I was in love in the most profound way and there was no way it could get better.

Now, it is even better...

And I have more people to share that with:

Under a Glacial Boulder Posted by Hello

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Ana said...

WOW this was a LONG TIME AGO! we were all in better shape back then. would love to go here again with michael and willow. such fun! :) looking back through your blogs today and I see that I've been a fairly discussed friend. I LOVE THAT and I cherish our friendship more than I think you know. :) HUGS!