Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Buffy and other interests...

So, most times I am on the internet, its usually to go to a Buffy board. When I tell people I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I usually get one of two reactions. Either they look at me like I am totally stupid, or they look at you like you are part of a secret society (of which they are a part).

The above picture's is of one of my favorite characters on Buffy--Willow. If I have another child, and if she's a girl, she will be named Willow.

Okay, so other interests that usually get a "hmmm" look:

One of my favorite sites. Yep, I am a Death Hag. I love to see gruesomeness. Going on vacation usually has to include some type of cemetary tour or other type of gruesomely historical niche.

So, besides the whole "Buffy/Angel" and death photography things, I am pretty normal...I love comic books, animation, movies, etc. (go see that profile).

I would put up more photos, but Ofoto is down, and I am still trying to figure out where the rest of my photos are on my hard drive!

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