Saturday, January 14, 2017

Perfect Moments--Holiday and Beyond Edition...

Everything whirls around in a big mess of holiday fun, excitement and exhaustion...and it is over. Lots of food, excitement, relaxation.  Good movies and snuggling, new experiences and old traditions. Hanukkah and Christmas and Birthday and New Years.  Twilight Zone and Star Wars and Avengers and new pets and old pets and ornaments and decorations.  Latkes and Strega Prime Steakhouse, no cake this year, but desserts for "play Santa" for the first year, no real First Night of Hanukkah celebration, but latkes on third night...Botana and pancakes and candy canes...

Now, it is 2017.

The Animal Whisperer. 

 He is not really good with people and objects.  Gets frustrated quickly, gets annoyed...doesn't suffer fools (even if they are justified fools).  Yet.  He has a way with animals. He is the one who can catch them.  Two times already the hamster has gotten out...this Sunday morning was the second time.  He calmly assessed the situation, while the rest of us were distraught or ragged with trying to find/catch her.  (It was 3 a.m., after all).  When we had finally given up, when we were already making justifications and secondary plans, etc...he nonchalantly pointed out that the hamster was back in her cage.  He had finally, through patience and persistence (something he doesn't show always with others or himself), gotten Phoebe the hamster, and had carefully placed her in her cage.

Hanging Out

She has an old soul.  She speaks of life and death as we snuggle underneath a blanket.  Her squirmy, lanky self, always asking questions. She states this is the most perfect thing we could be doing right now...and I agree.

Dance Party

Alexa has now helped me do something I have missed doing in the last few years....Dance party in the kitchen!!!  She knows all the current pop stars (only one in the house that does), we mix up songs, old and new...And we dance around.

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