Monday, February 24, 2014

Total Con 2014

Well, this year was one of the best times yet!  We got all the games we registered for (that usually doesn't happen!), no one was sick (we have had happen a few notable times) and Willow got to do her first round of Young Player games!

We tried a few things differently - we did not meet up one night at the hotel restaurant (too long of wait last year) and our friend John watched Willow for a couple hours (which was nice to have mom and dad be able to be in two separate games at the same time!)

Friday was got there just in time to pick up our registration and get right into our games!  Willow started off with her first ever game of Clay Wars:

I helped her to create Spikey - the poisoned spiked, six legged caterpillar like creature. Which she promptly lost with because she went off and attacked first...and everyone else attacked her creature!

But...she learned her lesson--and had great advice from her Master Gamer father---and ended up being one of the winners in Clay Wars!  She got a plaque and everything!  

Chewy also won many "Best Player" tickets in his games (he usually does), and Michael used the tickets to get a really cool Zombie board game.

I did a mix of games, including playing miniatures in the war against the Martians!

(We were able to destroy one of the Martians ships...but we lost the war...)

Michael had fun meeting up with various kids he has seen each year.  He played some role playing games and spent free time playing a lot of Smash Brothers and other video games.

This year they had someone selling gamer themed cupcakes and cookies.  I bought a dozen of them since Michael's birthday was on Friday.

Cthullu all cute and Yummy!

I feel this year I was able to really get to game more than a lot of other years and I liked the independence that it gives Michael each year.  I also liked that Willow was able to actually play some games this year and that Chewy was able to relax.  Now, getting a good night's sleep...not something that happened this year--but that wasn't too bad!  The company, the games, the food and the fun, was worth the few hours of sleep lost!

Sunday--just about ready to go to our last events!

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