Wednesday, September 18, 2013

First School Project

Michael and I have it down.  

He shows me the paper which says what the project is and when it is due. 

I tell him that he needs to do a little bit of the project each day to get it done.  I nag him.  He does bits of the project.

He comes to me for suggestions, then rejects them and comes up with his own.  

The night before the project is due--he still has some more to do...mainly the big honking display part.  (You know, the part he is not that good at doing and needs help with).  And then I spend the evening helping him out.

This time was much more fun!  And we did it pretty quickly.

The display is supposed to be about things that represent you (Michael) as a person.

Michael wrote paragraphs about how comics and horror reflect his personality.

And we decorated a shoe box with figures and comics.

Pretty cool!


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