Monday, September 03, 2012

Memorable Moment Monday

Another installment of PAIL Bloggers Memorable Moment Monday:

With the end of summer and the end of my unemployment and start of the school year and the return of my role as working mother; I thought I would post some pictures from the past couple weeks.

Playing with a science kit -- making different colors in test tubes.

Making colored crystals.

And they are squishy!

Made crowns (she is a princess, I am a prince).

Eating a poison peach (yeah, we had no apples).

Michael has been enjoying experimenting with different foods--so I was thrilled that he asked to try steamed clams...which he did not like, btw...

Creating on her own. I have no idea what this is--but it needed to be painted with pink sidewalk paint...

And a white flower added to make it pretty too.

Going to Rockport this weekend.

And, of course, eating Lobster!



Mrs. Gamgee said...

Looks like you guys have had some adventures lately!

PS - I don't like steamed clams either. Blech!

SRB said...

A science kit?!? A Snow White costume?!? The girl and I are kindred spirits!

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Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Chon said...

That looked like so much fun! Especially the painting!