Monday, April 30, 2012

Water Works

She is in the bathroom.  I am sure she is done and is washing her hands.  Then I kinda just tune her out, getting distracted with other things.  I realize she is still in there and that I did just notice her coming out and getting a few dolls/animals...and she is back in the bathroom.

I come into the bathroom and see the water is still flowing into the sink.  She has learned to close the sink drain.  A waterfall of water is overflowing over the sink onto the floor.  I have to I tell her in as stern a tone as I please don't bathe her toys in the bathroom sink. (She had just had a bath a few hours before!)

The next day, she was proud to tell us that her stuffed puppy dog Jack was doing well at potty training! (Yep, Jack was potty training and then fell into the toilet).


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