Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Middle School Wisdom...

The Strong Spartans
By Michael 
Sources From:

The usual disgusting meal in Sparta was black broth.
It probably tasted worse than green moths.
Their women were freer than most.
But they weren't allowed to boast.
They played a key role in defending Greece.
But they never wanted peace.
In the Middle-Ages the Greeks admired them most.
They probably feared them as if they were ghosts.
They believed they descended from Hercules.
They were definitely not scared of bees.
They conquered Messenia for their materials.
If it was a movie it'd be a hundred year serial.
By 800 BC they had a lot of land of Greece's.
But they still needed a few more pieces.
They put most of their culture into the art of war.
They were definitely not a bore.
The Gerousia was a council of elders.
They must have had a lot of weapon welders.
All Spartans had the same amount of money.
No matter what you say they sure weren't funny.

The Wise Athenians
By Michael 
Sources From:

In Athens boys started school at age six.
They didn't have pencils they used pointy sticks.
The boys finished school at age 18.
Their people didn't have any jeans.
The men were the ones who did the shopping.
They didn't have any rabbits hopping.
In 600 B.C. it would be ruled by land owning nobles.
These people were admired by all the locals.
They didn't have any running water.
So some people got hotter and hotter.
Almost every household had a slave.
The people didn't have normal names like Dave.
During Dionysus's festival men performed songs.
They drummed their drums and gonged their gongs.
They used strigils to get dirt off their body.
Sort of shaped like a stick for playing hockey.
It's polis was 2,500 square kilometers.
At night it was cold because they had no heaters.
They had the best known acropolis in Greece.
I don't think their houses had a lease.


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