Monday, July 11, 2011

Glimpses of Vacation 2011

Packing the car up on our own (my own). Needed to get the beach chairs onto the top of the car with the bungee cords. He found a grabbing toy that helped us grab those cords across the top. My son and I working together got it done.


In the pool she stands in the wading pool section with her Barbie dolls. She stands at the edge and barely goes further as she plays and dips the dolls in the water. Wanting her to get into the pool--I take one of the Barbies and toss her into the pool area. She follows into the pool and we are finally "swimming".


Burying himself in the sand has become an art form. I barely notice he is doing it, until I find him almost completely buried.


Going into most restaurants illicits this plea "I want choc-olate
milk." (Sometimes with a "please").


The Bad Restaurant Day.

Sick from his antibiotics, Chewy cannot even get to the breakfast table at his favorite restaurant. We already ordered, so we eat while he goes back to the house to get cleaned up. I bring his food back for him. He is alright later on (he was supposed to have something on his stomach when taking the medication). Feeling bad that he did not have a good restaurant experience, we try for lunch. Again one of his favorite restaurants by the water. Very nice (but kinda $$) lunch. Our son is trying more and more seafood so it is fun. She has new toys from the aquarium and plays nicely. But we are outside with not too stable seating...and she falls. As I grab her, I fail to see that she has grabbed the table cloth--and most of our lunch (partially eaten) is on the ground (luckily, no one hurt and the waitresses do not kill us but instead give us new food). After an uneventful dinner at the house--we tempt fate again for ice cream. Where she lets us know that she is peeing...right NOW as we sit on the bench eating our ice cream (yes, there was change of clothes in the car--we know we are in the midst of potty training here and are usually prepared!). (Think we should have stayed by the pool that day)


The many many many bathroom and restroom trips. A new way to see vacation...where are the bathrooms? Worst was in the dark during the drive-in movie...and she had her shoes off and I could not find I had to carry her through the parking lot to the bathrooms. Then there was the time we were driving and she HAD to go (and we even encouraged her to go ahead and pee in her pull-up) but we instead found an exit and a bathroom...she had held it all that time.


He orders a whole lobster. And proceeds to eat it so expertly that an elderly lady comments on how well our son did eating that lobster.




Hunting for crabs, we find several hermit crabs and I find a larger crab--crawling up my swimsuit (!) Hiding my alarm, we exam it before putting it back into the water.


Sparklers and glow in the dark bracelets, fireworks on television, red-white-and-blue frosted cupcakes, someone wrote in the sand "Have a Happy Fourth!"


Buying and cooking our own lobsters and having surf and turf out on our deck for Chewy's birthday. Watching chipmunks scurry under our chairs for scraps.


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Somewhat Ordinary said...

Sounds like a perfect vacation! Next year I might stow away in your suitcase!

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