Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day Recap 2011

We had an eventful Father's Day weekend. It coincided with Flag Day Celebrations in our town, so there was a carnival and fireworks, BBQs and ice cream--and that was all on Saturday.

Sunday, Chewy was supposed to sleep in, but he could not keep himself from coming down early--just as we were getting ready to surprise him with a couple of our gifts to him...

The kids are sporting two ties that Michael picked out for dad. (Plus, Kif thought he would be part of the action, waving his tail in dad's face)

Then I made blueberry waffles and we discussed options for the rest of the day.

In the afternoon, Chewy played Laser Tag with Michael while I stayed home with Willow and watched Ponyo and ate Ramen Noodles (just like the kids did in the movie!)

Laser tag has become a tradition--for both Mother's and Father's Day it was very fun and I think we will do it again next year!

Later on we went out to eat at a steak place, dad wearing one of his new shirts which was also a gift (from me).

Willow was also sporting a new sundress.

It was cute to see the kids sitting together, listening to a story that their father was telling them.

And Willow also liked the line-dancing waiters/waitresses.

After dinner, someone (Willow) NEEDED to go to a playground--so we did...

And I captured this purely father/son moment.



Karen A. said...
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Anonymous said...

know I should be appropriately ga-ga over Chewy's new shirt and such, but that picture of Michael kissing Willow on the head as she's probably talking or something is so gorgeous that I had to scroll back up and look at it again. :)


Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

What a fun, fun day! Love the pics too!

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