Perfect Moments Monday

Moment #1: She rarely sleeps on me. My husband—he is the Sleep Master. Often on the weekends he and she nap on the couch. But today, after exhausting herself on finger painting, I cleaned her up and she wanted to have snuggles and rocking. And then I found that she had fallen asleep. And even though a large part of me wanted to just put her down so that I could get some things accomplished, I went over to the couch and put a blanket on us. I did not sleep, I just let go of those other thoughts (“ugh, laundry has to get done, the dishes are still needing clearing, what about the other things I could do”) and I laid there listening to her breathe, realizing how warm she was against my shoulder.

Moment #2:

This gets a photo. My son, whenever he is going to play a video game, he makes sure to take out the extra Wii Remote that we have that has no battery in it. And he actually says: “I am putting out the Wii Remote for Willow!” as he goes about setting up for the game.

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Suzy said…
Those are both perfect moments! I love snuggling up w/my nieces and listening to them breathe. So glad you were able to ignore the other stuff and have a perfect moment!

That Michael is so sweet!!!!
Sheri said…
I am visiting from Lori's Weebles Wobblog Perfect Moment Monday...

It can be SO tempting to be productive, especially when they are sleeping...but the days when they want to snuggle go by so fast!

Mine are 14 1/2 and twins at 13. They don't snuggle very often and rarely snuggle and fall asleep. Plus, they are almost bigger than I am!

Thanks for sharing your Perfect Moment today!
Lavender Luz said…
You are raising such a kind-hearted boy.

Good for you for being able to attend to the important stuff!
Cibele said…
Snugglign time is the best!!! Love the picture, she is so big!
kimbosue said…
Moment #1 - awwwwwwwwww
Moment #2 - awwwwwwwwww
Caro said…
Lovely moments.
..Soo.See.. said…
Love these!! :) Warms my heart. Thanks for sharing!

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