Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Willow at 16 Months

Willow is becoming her own little person. Her expressiveness and curiousity is boundless. She is able to walk, run, laugh, giggle, be tickled, hug, wave good bye, ask for things, point to her belly button and nose. She can kiss and loves to put baby dolls into her toy buckets so that they are laying down. She can say "mama" "daddy" and a few other words, each time we swear she is saying something like "Michael" or "John" or "hello"--but then we ask her to repeat it and that is that. Tonight she tried to help us put the groceries away, lifting up the shopping bags and even putting some things "away" for us. She is doing new things every day. Willow is into EVERYTHING. In the last four days she has broken three dishes (including the vase that the flowers I got when I was in the hospital with her, which I was saving--but obviously not in a safe spot); and lost daddy's bank card (after she pulled out his wallet and let it flap along, dropping EVERYTHING out of it).

She is fun and frustrating; exhausting and exciting. She is a toddler and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here are some random pictures from August at a family BBQ (I did not take these pictures, a kind friend of the family did--thank you!)


Martha said...

What a beautiful little girl! She sounds like such a kick!

Cibele said...

Happy 16 months gorgeous little girl. last night I had a dream that Willow and Lyla were playing together! I hope that some day this can be true!

KimboSue said...

What a gorgeous little mess maker!

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