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Confusion and Chaos - Updated

Our time at Total Confusion was pretty good this year. Michael enjoyed Clay Wars.

This one is Michael's creation.

Kids create their clay figure, and then they attack each other. The hand is the measurement of movement. Each person is given a special power (Michael got booger bombs; some got the "claw" which was tongs that you could attack the other creations with--smooshing them).

Michael's creation, dubbed Deathtron "aka Bob", was sliced with a ruler.

Michael also won a prize ticket for playing Dork Tower. I learned a new board game—and was part of the finals in that game. Our friend John won the finals on that game.

John and I with his prize for winning the final.

And my husband was voted (unanimously) Best Role Player in the one of the Role Playing games he played. We relaxed, ate food both good and bad for us, and enjoyed the long weekend. One of my favorite things—one of the organizers for another gaming convention that we usually go to in July tol…


Nine years ago I was in the hospital, doped up on morphine drip, occasionally breastfeeding my son who had been born at 1:23 a.m.

In a little over Nine weeks from today, I will hopefully be repeating this experience with my daughter.

OB Appointment and Nursery Progress III

Appointment went well. We talked about the scheduled C-Section and two weeks from now I will have my check up with the Dr. in the practice who will be performing the surgery. Its sometime the week of April 21st--hopefully by my next check up I will have a firm date. One of the other things I discussed with them is having another Ultrasound--I was curious if I was going to have one (being an IF Ultrasound junkie and all--its been since 18 weeks!!--I need a fix!!). The Nurse Practitioner who saw me said they actually don't do anymore ultrasounds--except if there is a problem. And as she said this (and I explained my small anxiety about not having an ultrasound), she said "Gee, I can't really tell how big she is..." [wink wink] (She really winked!) So, we have a [legit] reason for an ultrasound next Tuesday! SQUEEE! Funny, because when she explained it to me, I was all set for dealing with no more ultrasounds--and then she let me squeek on by... :-)

Here are some…

B-Day Party

Michael's party was yesterday and was great fun. We had 90% attendance and while exhausting for the adults, I think everyone had a great time.
Below are some pictures...

The birthday cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge on inside. (Picture of a Wii Game System on the cake)

My attempt at video remote control sugar cookies.

We had two Wii's set up. One in the kitchen. In the background you can see we had our living room coffee table moved with Make your Own Mii's (cloth figures that they could make to take home).

One in the living room...

We had pizza and fruit and cake and cookies.

Michael blowing out the candles.

The kids got to play bowling, tennis, carnival games, and Ram*page (which seemed to be a hit with the BOYS).

Hardly any meltdowns, and with the 2 systems and many controllers, most everyone was able to play at the same time.

And for once, I had hardly any food left over--except my husband ordered the cake and its HUGE!!

Michael with unrelated Update

My feelings for you I cannot describe. My words fail to encompass the wholeness I feel when I watch you sleep or concentrate on a book or writing a journal entry or play board games.

Words cannot describe you my son, but I will try.

You are funny even when you are not;
you are intelligent, sometimes too much for your own good;
you are squirmy, especially when being tickled or hugged;
you are irreverent, you are cute, lovable, impish, frustrating and lively;
you are becoming someone I am proud of;
you are my everything;
you are why I wished for another one;
you are my first
you are my son.

I love you more than I can ever be able to tell!!

Happy Birthday, Kiddo!


Update: Just wanted to point out a great post by Leah. She talks about the many feelings/fears that a lot of secondary infertiles have once we do get that BFP.

Hormonal Pregnant Woman OutBurst # 2 – Or Leggo My Eggo, Dammit!

Husband is in charge of getting Michael to school in the morning. Which means he also has to do breakfast. To help him (and save myself the mess when I get home) Michael usually has his choice of oatmeal or some type of frozen Waffle/Pancake/Toaster Sticks. Usually the Lego Eggos or Mini Pancakes. Sometimes I get him the really bad stuff—cinnamon buns. Something fun, but not too decandent. My husband usually foregoes breakfast (even though it’s the most important meal of the day!)

Since I lost weight and even with the pregnancy, I try not to have pancakes/waffles, etc. as they are too many carbs. But, occasionally I will have some. About a month ago I got a craving for Eggo Blueberry Waffles. I bought a box, and had some while we were watching a movie (Notes on a Scandal---great movie). I remember telling my husband how much this was unlike me, but I really was craving them.

So, last week, I bought another box of them. I had another craving for them. Had 2 for breakfast on …

Musings on the Second Time Around...

Gearing up for Michael’s 9th birthday party (I am crazy again—we are going to do it at our home---Wii themed party), got me to thinking about the many differences and similarities there have been between when I was pregnant with Michael and now.

The most obvious difference is the fact that I was nine years younger, totally naïve and innocent. I was definitely the stereotype of the first time pregnant woman/mother. I did not know what in the hell I was doing. I took for granted the fact that we got pregnant and that it would “stick”.

We decided to have a family after 5 years of marriage. It was time. We moved out of our apartment, moved into a home with every intention of having a child within it within a year or two. We moved into our house May 7. By May 31st, I knew I was pregnant. I was excited and scared—but more scared of the pain of labor, of the unknowns of pregnancy, child birth and child rearing. Miscarriage was a vague something. There was no doubt that I would have …

Third TriMester All Over Again...

So, here we are. Seven months. The last tri-mester. The big "easy". The time when I start to wish it was all over already. I am not one of those who relish being pregnant. Its not that its been awful...thankfully I have never had morning sickness, etc. Its just that I find it as more a means to an end. I want the child, but don't really care about the experience of pregnancy itself. (Perhaps its because I have done it before--but I recall I wasn't one of those "into" being pregnant then either--although I was a bit more naive and excited instead of anxiety ridden like this time.) Its all wonderful until you are totally uncomfortable and can't breathe and are scared to death and....okay, so the point being--I am ready for ya, Willow! (And you might notice, mommy ain't the most patient person, so lets get these three months done already).

Today I had my last monthly OB appointment. Everything checking out, heard the heartbeat (140-150). Acc…

Friday Fun - Our Cat

Cute pictures of my kid and my cat:

Gabrielle thinks the crib is her new bed...she can often be found in it. Pictures taken the first time we discovered her in there...