Sunday, March 16, 2008


I've been tagged by Healing Arts!

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I think I have done this one before, but let's see if I can come up with 6 Pregnancy Related items:

1. I did not get morning sickness, but cravings have run rampant. My cravings have been Thai food, Big Macs and Chocolate Cake. Also, tunafish sandwiches (for a bit).

2. Not really into Belly Shots. Mainly because I am so conscious of my body and the fact that I am overweight. Having lost 70 lbs. recently I really am not into showing how I am gaining 25 lbs. back (even for a great cause)!

3. I refuse to buy maternity wear--mainly because for my size they all look like Muu Muus. I have lots of clothes right now that don't fit, but I also have clothes from when I was heavier, so I pretty much have been able to use them (although right now that means I have 3 pairs of pants ONLY). I have bought a new bra and nursing bra.

4. I love feeling Willow move around in my belly, but sometimes it tickles--and then I chuckle in the middle of the day and I think people must think I am crazy....

5. It seems that baby GIRL clothes are raining from the sky--we have more hand-me-downs than we know what to do with (at least for newborn-6 months). And most of them are PINK or frilly--which is not my style at all. I am a tom-boy at heart, and hope to keep her more neutral (no little dresses for her--at least until she says she wants to wear them). I have been able to sort through the PILE of clothes and find ones that I like. Also, I suppose that I will like her in whatever she wears, right!?

6. I am starting to have the "uncomfortables". I still have been able to sleep pretty well despite the peeing all the time, but I am starting to have troubles sitting, standing or lying down in one position for very long. I am happy that so far I have not gained as much weight as with Michael, and I do think that I am a lot healthier (if older) than I was then and I am sure that is why I haven't been very uncomfortable or had any other annoying symptons yet. (Now if the next 6 weeks can be at this level--I can deal!)

I think this meme has been making the rounds for a while, so I am not going to tag anyone else--if you read this and haven't been tagged for this one--YOU ARE IT!


Jeffrey said...

Hi, I have been reading the blog but haven't commented in awhile. Our hospital didn't have a sibling class that is neat Micheal got to go. I love his stuffed animal. It looks like you had a nice baby shower. Micheal was really into that cup cake. I had two showers for S so we didn't have one for K. The daycare moms gave me gifts for her though. I am so happy for you that you are feeling healthier this time and haven't gained that much weight. You were so worried about that at the beginning of the pregnancy. I gained more weight with my second pregnancy. I do like pink and frilly but not on a newborn. My girls wore mostly yellow and green with animals on them. Too bad I live so far away you would have liked my hand me downs. I have been following the pregnancies of a couple of the other ladies in your group. Can nothing be easy for I think we made a nugget. Poor baby having constipation. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to seeing baby pictures soon. Did you pick a delivery date yet? K's birthday is April 23. It is kind of funny S and Micheal have birthdays near each other and now K and Willow will be the same week.

Artblog said...

Still not doing maternity clothes, they are so damn awful, make me look like a right frump. I do have two or three maternity pants, the rest are large "regular" clothes.

You were SO lucky not to get MS, really lucky!


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