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The March

So, we waited through five subway trains that were so crammed of people, no more could be fit in, decided to walk more than the March route to get there....But we did it!  The amount of people was astounding.  The amount of goodwill towards all was overwhelming.  I felt included and a part of something...People talked along the way, thanking others for coming out...People helping each other.  Lots of different faces, faiths, shapes, sizes.  Families and women, tons of women...And men. And children...Lots of children.  (And dogs..We know, cuz Willow stopped to pet each one!!). It was wonderful to see such spirit and unity!

From Chewy's point of view:

Despite my distaste for crowds, noise, people and walking I went to the march today.  I was glad I did.
We parked in Cambridge at Draper  but the T was full to capacity with people who were obviously headed to  the march.
After waiting for a few trains we decided to walk the bridge to the Park (about 1.5 miles).
The bridge was packed w…

Perfect Moments--Holiday and Beyond Edition...

Everything whirls around in a big mess of holiday fun, excitement and exhaustion...and it is over. Lots of food, excitement, relaxation.  Good movies and snuggling, new experiences and old traditions. Hanukkah and Christmas and Birthday and New Years.  Twilight Zone and Star Wars and Avengers and new pets and old pets and ornaments and decorations.  Latkes and Strega Prime Steakhouse, no cake this year, but desserts for "play Santa" for the first year, no real First Night of Hanukkah celebration, but latkes on third night...Botana and pancakes and candy canes...

Now, it is 2017.

The Animal Whisperer. 

He is not really good with people and objects.  Gets frustrated quickly, gets annoyed...doesn't suffer fools (even if they are justified fools).  Yet.  He has a way with animals. He is the one who can catch them.  Two times already the hamster has gotten out...this Sunday morning was the second time.  He calmly assessed the situation, while the rest of us were distra…