Monday, June 26, 2017

#MicroblogMonday - Summer Stress

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It is official.  One child is Graduated and has a three week break from reality before he starts a summer employment workshop/internship...and the other one--is done with Third Grade and is now at Summer Camp...the strange summer season has begun!

While I find the school year can be its own mess of stress and strain---I find that summers are actually a bit more stressful as a parent.  Sure, there are vacations and fun things to do during summer...but the days/weeks when we are not on vacation...well, those have their whole different level of stress!

Does she have her swim shoes, swimsuit, towel, sun screen, lunch packed (not refrigerator or microwavable and nut-free)?  Traveling to and fro to the various camps that are not necessarily close by (like her school) makes getting to work on-time a fun guessing game...  Another guessing game is which field trip is she going on this week and does she have the official shirt of the camp on while doing it?  Does she need additional money for the trip?  Is she trying to escape the summer camp because she is bored and wants to just go home (based on a True Story from a previous summer)?   Oh, and even though we pay a good amount of money--camp ends at 3 p.m., but you don't get out of work until 5:30 p.m.  -- pay an extra "extended care" fee and get there by 5:45 p.m. on the dot!!)




MrsSpock said...

So true! I feel busier now than during the school year.

Mali said...

I've always felt for parents who don't have enough annual leave to cover their kids' school holidays. I hope you manage to enjoy some of the summer.

Lori Shandle-Fox said...

And then after dealing with having them home you have to brace yourself for all that goes with school starting again. I agree with you so much, I wrote a little humor eBook for parents about exactly this period of time: (Laughing IS Conceivable: From End of School to Back-to-School.)