Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Graduation Part 2

Took off work today to go to the moving up/Graduation ceremony at Michael's school.  Interesting case of perspective:

My husband and I found this ceremony was less superficial and more genuine and moving than the big High School ceremony.  The speakers were better, there seemed to be actual feeling and less pretension.

Michael...liked the big High School ceremony more...found this smaller one pretentious and self serving. 

Guess it is all a matter of where you are on your journey in life, the experiences of being a high schooler versus a parent.

Meanwhile, I did get some idea about why no smiling in pictures...because he feels posing is fake and he seems to think only a genuine smile  (captured unawares or when he is truly doing something worth smiling about) are the only true smiles...

So.  There you have it.  The Graduation Part 2 was moving, superficial, self serving, fun, meaningful, annoying, better (Or worse) than the first one....

He has had two ceremonies...has two caps and gowns....and a proclamation from the Mayor (!)  


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MrsSpock said...

I have had the exact conversation about smiling with my husband and son. J does not "get" the fake social smile. Most of our pictures of him have a nonsmile or the "Sheldon"fake smile. My husband does it,despite finding it illogical and absurd.