Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Status of Things

  • Willow's recital went very well on Saturday.  She played piano, made very minor mistakes.  Her singing group was cute and only a little off key.  She was a was wonderful to see how she can have stage presence if she thinks no one is really watching.  Her progress report from her teacher says she is is her confidence (and in singing, her lack of wanting to keep on key...) that is the thing she needs help with. 

  • The highlight of her recital, to me, was an unexpected change.  Her little singing group were back up for another vocalist.  Part of their part of to portray waves and fish swimming.  Originally, Willow was supposed to be a wave.  But, just before the performance, the teacher changed her to be the fish...and she was in her element.  Here is the video.

  • Tomorrow, Michael is going to get his cap and gown at his old high school.  They are also going to have a quick rehearsal.  One week from this Sunday...he is Graduating.

  • And then going to school until June 14th--when he has a Moving Up/Graduating Ceremony at the school he goes to now.

  • I have almost got all the cremation forms filled out.  Strange to be filling out Death Certificate information when there is life sprouting out all over...and the person you are filling the documents out for is still living too.  

  • We are parent failing when it comes to giving Michael more time driving.  We are so busy lately, he hasn't had real chances to go out and practice.  This will be our priority this Spring/Summer - to get those 40 hours plus parent driving times so that he can then prepare for the road test.

  • Looking forward to a relaxing weekend this lessons, no obligations...just some fun!


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